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At The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center of South Louisiana, you will immediately feel like you are among family. We take pride in our cheerful and inviting practice environment and warm and welcoming team members. More than that, we take pride in the accessibility of our provider, Joshua S. Brandner, DDS, MD. Our patients are always pleasantly surprised by the level of time and personal attention he invests in getting to know them and carefully explaining all available treatment options.

We know you will enjoy getting to know Dr. Brandner. As you prepare for your appointment with us, learn more about him here.

Dr. Brandner’s Story

Becoming an oral surgeon was always Dr. Brandner’s dream— a dream instilled in him by his father, a successful oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Dr. Brandner pursued this vocation because he witnessed his father making a difference in the lives of one patient after another, and he quickly realized that it is a profession that unites all the things he loves most. Specifically, working as an oral surgeon allows Dr. Brandner to tackle complex challenges and seek creative solutions. Performing oral surgery forces him to think on the fly, and it combines advanced techniques from pharmacology, dentistry, medicine, and plastic surgery.

“Oral surgery is really the end of the line for dentistry and for most things head and neck,” comments Dr. Brandner. “This is where the most challenging cases are addressed and where patients get long-sought relief for their tooth and jaw ailments.”

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A Personable Approach

Though Dr. Brandner boasts advanced clinical skills and prestigious academic background, the thing patients love about him most is his accessibility. He has a unique gift for conveying information about diagnoses and treatment plans in a way that is understandable, ensuring patients are fully educated and empowered to participate in their own oral health care. “We want to be partners, not just providers,” Dr. Brandner notes.

His commitment to accessibility is so great that he provides his personal cell phone number to every patient and invites them to text or call with any questions that arise after-hours. This deeply personal, reassuring approach has won The OMS Center a sterling word-of-mouth reputation throughout South Louisiana.

Dr. Brandner proudly serves as the oral surgeon for the VA clinic located in New Orleans. As a long-standing doctor in the area, he understands the importance of providing compassionate care tailored to the needs of our nation’s heroes.

Educational Background

Dr. Brandner is a graduate of the acclaimed Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, where he completed both his DDS and MD certifications and an Oral and Maxillofacial internship. His academic training also included an internship at Baptist Health System in Birmingham, AL, and a residency at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Dr. Brandner is a member of the Northlake Dental Society, American Dental Association, American Medical Association, and American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Schedule a Consultation at The OMS Center of South Louisiana

Dr. Brandner and his team are standing by to advise you on your oral surgery needs, including everything from dental implants to wisdom teeth removal. Schedule an appointment by contacting our office in the Covington and Hammond, LA area today. Call us at (985) 687-1616.