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Misalignment of the jaw can lead to a range of issues, including both cosmetic and functional problems. Addressing these issues often means having corrective jaw surgery, a service we offer to patients throughout the Covington, LA area. To find out more about the benefits of corrective jaw surgery, we welcome you to learn more about the process.

What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery, also called orthognathic surgery, can address a number of different issues. Sometimes, it is needed to correct structural irregularities with the jawbone itself. In other instances, jaw surgery is intended to realign the jaw following a traumatic accident.

Many of our corrective jaw surgery patients are looking for relief from functional issues, including pain or discomfort when they eat and chew. Still, others ask about orthognathic surgery as a way to alleviate TMJ pain. In some cases, patients are simply looking for cosmetic improvements to their facial appearance.

Note that, in order to ensure the alignment of both the jaw and the teeth, we will usually need to work in collaboration with your orthodontist. Indeed, most jaw surgery patients require braces for at least a few months following their procedure.

What are the Benefits of Having Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Greater ease and comfort when chewing
  • Improvement to problems with swallowing or with speech
  • A more balanced and proportional facial appearance
  • Improvement of issues with the bite, including teeth that do not touch
  • Relief from pain associated with TMJ disorder or similar conditions

Am I a Good Candidate for Corrective Jaw Surgery?

The best way to determine whether you need corrective jaw surgery and verify that you are qualified for a safe and successful procedure is to join Dr. Brandner for a consultation. Based on scans as well as a physical examination, he will be more than happy to discuss potential treatment options with you.

Generally, the best candidates for corrective jaw surgery:

  • Are not smokers
  • Are in good overall health
  • Do not have any underlying illnesses that would prevent them from healing
  • Are looking to address either functional or aesthetic issues with their jaw
  • Have talked with their oral surgeon and have reasonable expectations about the procedure

Corrective Jaw Surgery: Understanding the Process

The first thing you should know about corrective jaw surgery is that safety and comfort are top priorities. As such, each patient will receive the necessary sedation to ensure they do not have any pain during their procedure. In some cases, this may mean going to the local hospital for general anesthesia.

The surgery itself usually takes between two and four hours. Because incisions are made inside the mouth, there will not be any visible scarring. Once the incisions are made, Dr. Brandner will cut the jawbone, move it into the proper position, then use plates, screws, or wires to secure the bone into its new position.

Recovery from Corrective Jaw Surgery

Before the surgery itself, Dr. Brandner will provide you with clear instructions about aftercare and recovery. After surgery, you can be provided with a prescription for pain relievers as needed. For most patients, the healing process takes about six weeks, at which point you will likely be ready to meet with your orthodontist to discuss braces, ensuring your teeth are brought into alignment with the jaw.

Schedule a Consultation with The OMS Center of South Louisiana in the Covington, LA Area

Whether you have a problem with the function of your jaw or with its appearance, we would love to help you develop an individualized treatment plan.

To discuss the possibilities of corrective jaw surgery, reach out to The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center of South Louisiana at your convenience. Call us at (985) 687-1616.