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Are you looking for experienced oral surgeons in the Hammond, LA area? We invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Joshua Brandner at The OMS Center of South Louisiana. Dr. Brandner is known for his clinical precision and his kind, compassionate approach to patient care. Our practice is pleased to provide a range of treatment options to patients throughout the region.

Meet Your Oral Surgeon

Dr. Joshua S. Brandner is a graduate of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, where he completed both his DDS and MD certifications. He is committed to patient education and loves empowering patients to make informed decisions about their clinical care. Dr. Brandner lives with his family in the Hammond, LA area.

Our Procedures

At The OMS Center of South Louisiana, we provide a full range of treatment options and procedures. Here are a couple of the most common options:

Dental Implants

We meet with many patients who have experienced tooth loss, requiring restoration. Dental implants represent one of the best options, as they help preserve the integrity of your jawbone, and they do not require surrounding teeth to be shaved down or otherwise damaged. And, when properly cared for, dental implants can potentially last a lifetime.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

For many patients, the jaw simply does not accommodate wisdom teeth. This can cause them to become impacted or cause problems such as crowding, chronic pain, and beyond. Generally, the best approach to the wisdom teeth is simply to have them extracted, which is something we can do safely and comfortably at The OMS Center of South Louisiana.


Our practice is pleased to offer the All-on-4® treatment concept, one of the most popular options for patients experiencing significant tooth loss. Using as few as four carefully placed implants, we can replace entire dental arches, restoring full dental form and function.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Our practice provides corrective jaw surgery to patients experiencing a skeletal misalignment due to trauma or a congenital disability. You can experience full restoration of form and function through corrective jaw surgery. For all surgical patients, we make comfort and safety our top priorities.

Bone Grafting

The loss of teeth often accompanies the loss of jawbone, which can result in unwanted changes to your facial appearance, complicating dental restoration. A simple solution is bone grafting, a procedure in which we regenerate bone material where you need it most.

Excellence in Oral Surgery in Hammond, LA

Ready to explore oral treatment options available in Hammond, LA? To speak with an experienced oral surgeon, make an appointment with us at your convenience at (985) 277-1030.