What Type of Anesthesia is Required for Dental Implant Placement?

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At The OMS Center of South Louisiana, patient comfort is a top priority. While we want to ensure the best clinical outcomes, we also want to ensure a smooth and pain-free experience for our patients. For patients who require surgical intervention, our team offers various sedation and anesthesia options.

This is certainly true for the initial placement of dental implants. To make certain that you are comfortable and your anxiety is minimized, we provide full sedation dentistry options and are happy to discuss specific options at your initial consultation.

What Types of Anesthesia Are Used During Dental Implant Surgery?

The decision of which anesthesia to use is based on the nature of the procedure as well as yourhealth, medical history, and anxiety level. The anesthesia options we utilize during dental implant placement include:

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia may be recommended if you only need a single dental implant placed. The use of local anesthesia will prevent you from experiencing any pain during your procedure, though it is possible you will feel some pressure. The upshot of local anesthesia is that you recover more quickly, and are able to drive yourself home following surgery.

IV Sedation

When a patient requires more than one dental implant, we will typically recommend general anesthesia. General anesthesia is also available for patients who request it, and who do not wish to be awake for any part of their procedure. General anesthesia ensures that you do not feel anything during the procedure, or remember anything about the procedure later. It does lead to a slightly longer recovery, and you will need someone to drive you home once you are discharged.

Light Sedation and Local Anesthesia

A middle-of-the-road option to consider, this combination keeps you out of pain and also helps you to doze through the procedure, without putting you all the way under. This is an option we like to recommend for patients who do not need general anesthesia, but do wish to be less alert or cognizant during the procedure.

Learn More About Anesthesia Options

When you join us for dental implant placement, you do not need to worry about experiencing pain or discomfort. We offer anesthesia options to promote a smooth and comfortable surgery, and we are happy to supply full details during your initial consultation. To schedule an appointment, contact The OMS Center of South Louisiana.