Can I Get Dental Implants if I Have Existing Medical Conditions?

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Dental implants have become the standard of care for tooth replacement. With implants, it is possible to fully restore the function and aesthetics of your smile, and to enjoy results that last a lifetime. For a majority of patients who have experienced tooth loss, dental implants represent a superior treatment option.

Even so, it is always important to verify your eligibility for a safe and successful dental procedure. The best way to do so is by scheduling an appointment for a consultation with your oral surgeon, who will evaluate your teeth and gums, ask some questions about your medical history, and confirm your candidacy to get dental implants.

As a general rule, if you are healthy enough to have regular dental treatment, then you are probably healthy enough to get dental implants. With that said, if you have a medical condition, it may be wise to take extra precautions.

Dental Implants and Hypertension

If you have hypertension, it means your body needs to work a little harder to circulate blood. And circulating blood may become even more challenging if you are feeling anxious, which is very common among oral surgery patients.

At The OMS Center of South Louisiana, we can address the anxiety issue by providing the appropriate level of sedation. We will also talk with patients in advance about any hypertension medications they are taking. If you are taking medication that could negatively impact you during surgery or recovery, we may recommend that you discontinue it or seek an alternative medication.

Dental Implants and Diabetes

Those who are diabetic tend to take longer to heal than those who are non-diabetic. However, if your diabetes is being controlled through diet, exercise, lifestyle, or medication, there is no reason why it should keep you from getting dental implants.

Dental Implants and Jawbone Tissue Loss

When you lose a tooth, you often lose some of the surrounding jawbone tissue, as well. This can complicate dental restoration, as your jaw may lack the density needed to anchor the implants in place. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved with a simple oral surgery called a bone graft, wherein your doctor will regenerate new bone tissue where you need it the most. The bone grafting procedure can also be used to address low sinuses, enabling the placement of dental implants in the upper jaw.

Find Out Whether You Are a Candidate for Dental Implants

At The OMS Center of South Louisiana, we prioritize patient safety. We are always happy to talk with you about any underlying medical conditions, and discuss precautions that will enable you to have a safe and successful dental implant procedure. To schedule a consultation appointment in our Covington, LA, or Hammond, LA offices, contact us directly.